Garden Design Consultancy for Self Build Projects

It can be quite difficult knowing where to start when faced with a garden project you intend to build yourself if you have no previous experience to rely on.   Having a plan, or at least an idea of what is going to go where, is essential before you start.  It is best to have an overall design at the beginning, especially if the project is to be spread over a few years, so that the finished garden is a co-ordinated unit, not looking as though some bits have been afterthoughts.

Garden Planning and Preparation

Once you know how the garden is going to be used, the basic hard landscaping plan taking into account levels, areas for specific use and drainage can be prepared.  The finished hard surfaces and other building materials can be decided on and a planting plan devised to suit your needs.  Planned materials or plants can always be revised due to fashions and/or budget as you go along if you are self-building but keeping to the planned structure.  By having an order of working set out at the outset you should be able to buy your plants small. By doing this you will benefit with cost savings as they are priced by age and size. You will also only have to order the building materials required for each section, although if the same materials are required for different sections you may wish to buy all the facing materials together to ensure continuity.

Design Consultancy

What I offer is to visit your site spending 2-3 hours with you to discuss your project and make suggestions as to layout, levels, materials, suitable construction methods and sequences. As well as suitable planting schemes, I will also give ideas, where appropriate, as to where you may be best to obtain materials or plants for your new garden.  You make your own notes and drawings, therefore saving on my professional costs for the drawings, but with the experience and knowledge that would be incorporated within those design plans.

What to do next? 

If you would like to find out more about our consultancy service and have a no-obligation chat about your garden design project then please get in touch. You can phone John Laking direct on 07756 218467 or you can contact John via the secure contact form.